2010 Chinese Grand Prix ==> Qualifying Report

It is funny how the more things see to change, the more they say the same.  In this case, a couple of ex-Ferrari drivers have upset my hopes for all my fantasy F1 team to be in the top ten qualifying positions…

I was really hoping for Barrichello to be in in the top ten but the got clipped out by Schumacher.  Now where have I see this before?

The nice move that I made before qualifying for this race is I switched Sutil in for Hulkenberg out. Be interesting to see if I took the right Williams driver out.

If I had my way, I would like Rubens to win, followed by Sutil, then Kubica and Alonso in 4th.Then I hope whoever has those small tanks to slow the field so that by the time the they run out fuel, the rest of the field are a few laps down….

So how did I do in Qualifying for the Chinese Grand Prix?

Team’s Current Drivers Their Points
Alonso +25
Kubica +10
Sutil +10
Barrichello +5
Total +50 points.

This is about the average of my haul of points.

Optional Driver Their Points Replaced by +/-
de la Rosa +5 Alonso +15
Kobyashi +5  
Hulkenberg +5 Barrichello 0
Total +15   +15


So by picking up Alonso I gained an additional 15 points.


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