Thursday Thought: And In Keeping Up With Current Events (OTT Shakespearean Version…..)

Introduction:  The Game is a foot.

 Whilst something may or may be rotten in Denmark the foul stench of death emits from Sidepodland.  As you are aware, The Sidepodcast Daily has been eliminated from Sidepodcast.  Although I, like many other fans, mourn the loss of a very popular segment of the site, I realize that they have created a “Frankenstein’s Monster” that has consumed most of whatever little spare time they did have.  At least unlike the famous “Creature” from the book and countless films, they managed to name their creation before disposing of it.

 As to us, loyal fans – what do we do?  Yes we are complicit in its demise as well, in that we did nothing to save the daily. For that I blame us rather than wrong an honourable Panda.

 But friends, Sidepodlanders, humans – I come not to praise the daily but to bury it.  The noble Panda says the Daily died because it was too ambitious. If, – if so, it was a grievous fault, and grievously hath he answered it. But what seemed so ambitious of the daily?  And yet, the Panda is an honourable animal….   The daily was my friend,  perchance yours as well? –  but the Panda says the Daily was ambitious, and the daily is an honourable animal…  When we all came to Sidepodcastland to seek comfort, did not the daily provide?  Ambition,  should be made of sterner stuff, yet the Panda says that the Daily was ambitions, and the Panda is an honourable animal….

 Whilst I shall not recite more of Mark Antony’s burial speech lest I insight you to riot against the poor Honourable Panda:   let us instead celebrate its everlasting slumber with a Sidepodcast spin to a proper board game called “Clue”.   For details please, see tomorrow’s post, my heart is in the coffin with the daily, and I must pause till it come back to me.


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