Come to Tundraland! We Have Marmots!, Otters!, Les Castors!, – The soon-to-be loaned Pandas!, a full TV Season of F1 Racing!.

 In F1 news, the big story during the offseason was that the BBC would only broadcast live 10 races for our friends in Sidepodcastland, with the other ten being broadcast via Sky Sports on some sort of premium charge.  Seeing how the local sports network – TSN uses the BBC’s coverage to broadcast F1 in Tundraland and the owners of Skysports also own America’s FoxSports network, I wondered how this decision would affect F1 broadcasting in Tundraland in 2012.

 It turns out not much!  To check the schedule, you can go to the TSN website..  TSN is still going to show both the Qualifying session and race session of each event, with the weirdest things occurring during the British and American Grand Prix – they are going to be on two separate channels! (TSN (1) and TSN2!)

 That the U.S. Grand Prix is on at 7:00 EST on TSN2 (hope you have a digital TV set) smacks to me of decision made by FoxSports to broadcast it live to those who will pay the special package to have it.  Of course, it is November so chances are TSN(1) just could be covering an unimportant Make-Beliefs Ice Hockey game….

 The British Grand Prix is also split, with the race itself on TSN2 live.  Not quite sure why this is the case as even with the Molson Indy in Toronto just being down the street from TSN’s headquarters they should be able to cover both events on the main channel.

 Finally, all of the sessions for the German and Hungarian Grand Prix will be broadcast live on TSN2.  For those that remember the U.S. Grand prix at Indy days, this too reminded me of the days where Foxsports broadcasted these events live for their viewers and then sold the tapes to TSN for later viewing.  

So what more can you ask for?  Visit Tundraland during the F1 season have access to see most of the F1 races live and your Saturday and Sunday afternoons are still availible for whatever else you want to do during the day….

 First interested party might get to set up shop for the duration of their visit to the Diefenbunker!  This Cold War Bunker was built to house the Canadian Government from Nuclear Attack.


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