….About that contest for unluckiest ever Dutch F1 driver…..

Greetings everyone!  First, my thanks to all that voted on my somewhat “mean” question on who do you think was the unluckiest Dutch F1 driver ever, and poor Jos “The Boss” Verstappen was the winner with surprisingly everyone else coming up tied in second with one vote each, including Ben Pon, who was not listed.

The reason for this silliness was that I have created a script for what I call a “Sidepodparodyfilm” and have sent it down to Rockall for approval.  I think I will use this as a “trailer” just to see what you guys think of a very minor sub-plot in the blog that still manages to have a couple of Giggles type links to various segments of the story in itself.  The winner of the contest would have had their name being added to the script.

Basically, the hero and heroine of the “movie” find a cursed artifact that is compared unfavourably by the hero to the legendary cursed ghost ship known as the “Flying Dutchman“.  In legend, the ship is supposed to attempt to round the Horn of Africa until the end of days and as such is an omen of doom.   (As an aside, I can not remember which one of those “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies used this as their basic sub-plot too.)  The Heroine, with her someone-inspired crush for underperforming Dutch F1 drivers declares her crush for Jos, believing him to be the fastest ever Dutchman in F1 (very possible) and hence worthy of the adjective “Flying” being added to his nationality.

See how unlucky Jos is?  Was not being Schuie’s teammate in Benetton bad enough?


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