The return of the Resolutions.

Greetings  everyone, belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2013 and finally,  welcome to my little corner of the web.  Over the course of the year I mean to fix up this site and get it back and going the way I would like too.  Sorry for the lack of material over the past year but work has kept me a little bit busier than expected last year and hopefully I can arrange a better balance between the two. 

Back in 2011, I made a list of of New Year’s Resolutions, and I think I will bring that back for this year.  I would like to make a list of ten resolutions this year but so far I only have five.  Would any of  you care to give me a hand as I only have nine?

  1. Go to the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal this year.
  2. paint 365 miniatures to 3rd Generation specs, (buttons in the right places).
  3. Complete 15 dives this year.
  4. End the year at a less weight than I started this year.
  5. Go on at least 12 hikes this year.
  6. obtain more certifications than I have started with this year.
  7. Complete one post on this blog per week.
  8. Go to the Hamilton Air Show  this year as a DH Mosquito is flying in it.
  9. Replace my passport.
  10. ? ? ?


Well I guess that’s it for my first blog post of 2013.  51 more to go.  Please be nice on the suggestions for the tenth resolution, as not only would I like to see 2014, I want to see if NYC has a back to back Grand Prix with Montreal, and I want to see both of them in person.


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