Plans for 2014.

I must say that I have been pretty hopeless last year in doing my resolutions so there are times where one should just sit back re-evaluate and try something easier. The only thing that I completed from the resolutions was to see the 2013 Hamilton Air Show.

This year I have few plans of what I want to do this year and I hope to accomplish them. Here’s the important stuff:

1) Keep the current job that I have.

2) Get a passport. I want to do this last year, but I think a new password that is good for 10 years has been finally cleared for public use.

3) See the 2014 Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal and make it a sidepodcast Vacation.

Followed by the nice to do stuff.

4) Head off to the Toronto Metro Zoo to see the Giant Pandas there.

5) See the new Aquarium that Toronto has.

6) Go on 12 hikes this year.

7) Do 20 dives this year.

8) Be part of a Sidepodcast Radio show, if there is one this year.

On the model front, I have a couple of ideas to play with. Details may be revealed in my models section of the blog called “Conversion Corner”.

9) 10 miniatures a week, for a yearly total of 520 figures.

10) A diorama called “At the Crease, vs. the Habs”

11) Make a conversion model using an Airfix Anne Boleyn model figure

So those are my plans for 2014, what’s yours?


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