Why can’t we say that Hamilton, Schumacher and Senna are “Warwick-esque?”


I am not a McLaren Fan.  Ever since this year that I am going to look at for a series of Blogs about F1 great refuelling ban debate.  I know that refuelling has been around since 1994 and so from that time previously we had no refuelling until  I wish I could find a date for that, but a quick glance at the results of the races in question show results which are consistent with no refuelling… so I seem to be safe with where I am going.

My worst ever F1 season: 1988.

Makes sense does it not?  I never was no fan of Ayrton Senna, and even less of a McLaren fan, so with McLaren taking 15 races out of 16 possible there where days where I wondered why I did not go back to bed.  To cap it off, the wrong McLaren driver won the Driver’s Championship.  (Go Emanuele Pirro ! 😀 )

A quick look at the results of the qualifying and race sessions for the 1988 season has filled me with dread about refuelling this year.  Over at a Site that I visit on occasion, SIDEPODCAST, the hosts there seem to be bored of the way the season has been progressing.  I do not think it is as bad as they make it out to be, but I must confess I am planning on missing the Monaco Grand Prix this year, which I did not even do in 2002!.

I decided to take a close look at the entire 1988 season, just to see if what I believe to be F1 worst ever season is as bad as I thought in terms of race action.  To me this means cars passing each other for position and as I believe refuelling was not allow then all the passing must be done on the track, right?

Converting raw data into information

A quick look at the race result for the 1988 Brazilian Grand Prix showed that there where a lot of retirements during the race.  As a matter of fact, only 9 cars out of 26 finished.  So taking the drivers opening grid position, I followed the race results scratching off each driver as they did not finish the race.  When my list was completed, the survivors where:

Position Driver Grid Spot Laps Down
1st Prost 3  
2nd Burger 4  
3rd Piquet 5  
4th Alberto 6  
5th Bousten 7  
6th Nakajima 10  
7th Warrick 11  
8th Cheever 15  
9th Johansson 21  

Now here are the official race results from the 1988 Brazilian Grand Prix

Place Drivers Gain Laps Down
1st Prost 0  
2nd Burger 0  
3rd Piquet 0  
4th Warwick +3  
5th Alberto -1  
6th Nakajima 0 +1 lap
7th Boutson -2 +1 lap
8th Cheveer 0 +1 lap
9th Johansson 0 +3 laps
Meet my new Hero – Derek Warrick!

It is safe to assume at this point that Warwick passed Nakajima, Bousten, and Alberto and Nakajima passed Boutson to get his 6th place back.  Still only four passes for an entire race?  Come on that’s silly.  No wonder people are saying F1 is boring.

But praise goes to Warwick for doing 75% of all the passes on that day with his Arrows-Megatron.  As good as the engine was in his Arrows, you just can not help but wonder what would have happened if the Arrows used the Optimus Prime engine instead….

Heck with it…… Autobots…… Roll Out!