Bahrain Grand Prix Qualifying Report:

Before I begin to access the progress of the 7Up Jordan Mercedes Bridgestone Fantasy F1 team, I have made one sight chance change which I am afraid has currently cost me some points in that I have switched Adrain Sutil for Kamui Kobyoshi!   However, when compared to my original selection, I seem to have made some choices that are inspired in comparison:

Original Selection                                     Intermediate Selection
Driver                          Points                    Driver                                       Points
Bruno Senna               – 5                          Rubens Barrichello               + 5
Heikki Kovalainen      – 5                          Nico Hulkenburg                   + 5
Jarno Trulli                 – 5                          Robert Kubica                        + 10
Jose Maria Lopez          0                          Pedro De la Rosa                   + 5
Timo Glock                 – 5                        Adrian Sutil                             + 10
Total                          – 20                       Total                                          + 35

So, once it became clear the USF1 and Stefan GP were not going to make the grid, the switch to the intermediate selection got me on the right foot. I just earned +50 points for making that move, when you factor in that additional change of dropping Sutil for Kobyoshi.

So in short, not a great start to 7Up Jordan Mercedes Bridgestone, especially compared to those who have Vettel, Massa and Alonso (+105 points) but I rather start at the positive side of the ledger than the negative side going into Tomorrow’s race!