Bahrain Grand Prix Race Report

Once again the silly “Spring Forward” day ruins my plans and I missed the first 30 or so minutes of the Grand Prix. I have no idea of what happened to the BMW team but effectively 40% of my team disappeared before I even got out of bed. When the best you can do is 60%, you know you are in trouble. How much trouble I am currently in is best reflected in the amount of points I collected.

Kobyoshi: 16 points.
Hulkenburg: 65 points
De La Rosa: 37 points
Kubica: 77 points
Barrichello: 79 points

Total: 274 points.

Bearing in mind that the people leading this competition are now in the 800’s we can see that I have a bit of a mountain to climb. I am currently in 428th place of out 446 in the Sidepodcast League, but worse than that, I suspect that Mr. C is actually ranked higher than me for the first time since the Sidepostcast/Panda League was created. To think I used to be the top Dog there at one time….

In my other league, the F1 Rejects League, I am holding 31st spot out of 36 teams. I can only thank my star that they do not have a website for Fantasy F1 Rejects website, my team might be mentioned for a special award for having an excellent debut season and going pear shaped from there…

Overall, I am in 10735th place out of 11134 entries. Maybe I should take up a sport where I could be more competitive, say like basket weaving?