Welcome to Bakajima, the Desert Island of Jordan F1.

A while ago Lukeh of Gridwalk Talk rehashed the concept of the BBC’s Desert Island Discs of music and gave it a F1 related spin.  He then asked us to respond to his question and here is my reply.

Desert Island Drivers

You can take 8 videos of classic races with you to watch (there is a TV built into a tree, of course. And yes, it has HD.)

You can take one Formula 1 personality with you to keep you company (no funny business, now.)

You can take one luxury Formula 1 car to… stare at I guess (aerodynamics works in sand and jungles, right?)

Fair rules, right? I won’t even take you away under race stewards review, or anything. Anyways I implore that you all take a good think about this and post below, let me know what your choices would be! Even better, if you have a blog why not blog about you choices and go into further detail? It’ll be a fabulous opportunity to get plenty of F1 bloggers involved and see what we come up with. I’m gonna come back with a new post in a few days with my choices as, quite frankly, I’m still enjoying that banana and in no state to go including my choices so suddenly. These things take thought and I don’t want to go getting black flagged for poor choices.

Now get your thinking caps on and let me know what would be on your Desert Island Drivers list!

Welcome to Jordan F1’s Desert Island of Bakajima  I know that the Letter “B” is beside the letter “N” on a normal “QWERTY” keyboard.  But “Bakajima” is no mistake.  It means “Fool’s Island” in Japanese and it is the southern-most island of the Atoll known as Bikini.  So when it comes to “Funny Business” you are a little late here….As an example we seem to get aurora borealis or St. Elmo’s Fire every night but without any need for the pre-conditions of those natural occurences being forecasted.  More strangely, there was no known occurences before 1946.  Funny Business indeed.  But that’s beside the point.

When I first thought about my idea of who/what would accompany me to this Desert Island a sacrificial thought entered my mind to drag along Pastor Maldonado with me as that way we would not crash into another else or the walls or curbs and generally not ruin anyone else’s Grand Prix.

However there also a dream F1 car on this Island, so what is to stop Maldonado from crashing the car into the tree that supports the T.V. toppling the tree over and causing the screen to shatter as it hits the only rock on the island?  After all, this is Maldonado we are talking about…..

So Maldonado may not be such a great idea.  As the personality invited has to be a F1 personality and no “funny business” is allowed I seem to be stuck.  Hmmmm, maybe I could drag the gal along but the way things are going at the moment It looks like I have to be involved in some way with F1……maybe I should drive an F1 car under an assumed name that the Americans can easily pronounce like Jord  Vill-neuf or Jord New-town ?

So my F1 Personality that I would being along would be  Gerhard Berger!  Oh the practical jokes we will pull on each other is just going to be insane…..

The dream F1 Car:

Since I would like some method of roaming on or around the island in question a F1 car that can double as a boat would be needed…. so:

Either the all-conquering Williams FW14B it is so omnipotent that I bet it can walk (well roll) on water…..


A Ferrari 126C as it handled like a boat.  Who knows, maybe it might even float?  Although I would strip the ballast weights and strap my scuba tanks to the sidepods – just in case it goes under faster than Villeneuve’s 1980 title hopes…..

Video clips of classic races:

And here are my eight classic F1 races to watch on the HD TV, as a bonus, I found clips of actual race footage on Youtube for seven of the eight races.  Please note that there is no way I can order these eight Grand Prix in any certainty. I am pretty sure that four of my classics are on every else’s classic list but here they are anyway:

1)  The closest F1 race ever. The 1971 Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

2)  Spain 1981 at Jarama – The precursor to the Ultimate Trulli Train.   “They shall not pass Gilles – All four of them!”

3)  1995 Canadian Grand prix.  The #27 Ferrari wins again.  But who’s driving it?

4)  1981 Canadian Grand prix – The awesomeness of CBC coverage back in its heyday.  Jack and Jill went up the hill to race in Montreal. Jack got DNQ and Jill got third with no nose ….  really!  Take us away race commentator Jackie Stewart!

5) Monza 1973 – Stewart unlaps the field for the Championship.  I wish I could find video for this race, but after a pit stop that took a minute, Stewart came out in  20th place and a lap down and was able to finish back on the lead lap in fourth place to secure his 1973 Driver’s championship.  JYS considered this his greatest race.

6) 1979 French Grand Prix.  Arnoux and Villeneuve battles for 2nd.

7)  The Pastor Maldonado of his day shows his best piece of work – Jody Scheckter’s only lap of the 1973 British Grand Prix   

8)  The Scottish Devil at the Green Hell.  JYS’s  Driving demonstration at the 1968 Nuerburgring There’s a 4 minute gap to second place.  Enough said.