Je cherche du Yaourt! I seek Yogurt! I seek Yoda!

And once again I am coming with an F1 related blog post for those wonderful people over at Sidepodcast, but this time I am going to spoof a very popular movie and alter it with a whole buch of racing (mostly F1) references.  But this time, I am going to need your help to determine a very small plot device that makes fun of teh F1 driver of your choice and connects back to the interests of the central character at the same time….

So who is the unluckiest Dutch F1 driver of all time?  I have made a poll for this, and you have four choices:

1)  Christijan Albers

2)  Robert Doornbos

3)  Jos Verstappen

4)  Other (please name)

For the fourth pick, please name a Dutch F1 driver.  I need a Dutch F1 driver for the joke to work.  (No, I will not accept Bertrand Baguette – he’s Belgian!)   

Here’s a link to the pole:   (If this pole does not work) please answer in the comments. )

Once I have my script worked out,  I will send it to Christine and mr. C  for their admusement.  Hopefully they will post it for all to see.