Total Is Now Officially My Hero!

Interesting. The wonderful people at Sidepodcast do not have a Thursday Thought for December 9th, 2010. In their defence I was not totally awake enough to figure out Alex’s Daily Discussion and read it the way I was taught in a North American school, that is September twelfth…whoops! So with a sip of Java I am now capable of given you my Thursday Thought, which again centres of that lovely fiasco known as Lotus.

Total© is now totally my hero. How so ? Well, starting next year, we finally get to see the true value of sponsorship to F1. Okay, but I am not really known for being influenced on advertising in F1, but starting next year, one sponsor becomes critical to the saga that is Louts Renault, and its bottom line should increase greatly from the amount of sponsorship it will get next year. Still do not follow me well, which team am I rooting for ?

1) Go Lotus Go!

2) Er, Go Lotus-Renault Go!..

3) Go Black and Gold Lotus ?

So far I have made three statements of fact that the normal F1 fans chants while wishing his/her team to do well. Okay. I am rooting for the non-red highlighted Lotus. Not from any fashion sense on my part – My own idea to fix up this Lotus mess completely would be for Tony to use a “Malaysian Racing” Green with a “Malaysian Racing” Yellow Stripe and “Malaysian Racing” Red Highlights. By “Malaysian Racing” normal English speakers would say “Fluorescent.” Well, these fluorescent colours look awesome on bikinis right ? Sadly, while I seem to be correct in saying that every team its now planning to look alike I appear to be wrong in the colour scheme. I thought if would be British Racing Green with Yellow Racing Stripes instead of Black with Gold.

But the use of red highlights (on the old Renault-chassis’ed) on one car seems to be the only then that can quickly distiches it from the non-red highlighted car (Tony’s Lotus) other car. But it is too long to say The non-red highlighted Lotus so we might have to refer to it by the sponsor that is typed into its highlight.

That Sponsor is Total©, the French oil company, and at last we now have a way to quickly tell apart the two Lotuses.

The Total© car vs. The non-Total car. Well can now tell the Lotus apart! Let’s hear it for sponsorship!

But really, how else can you quickly tell them apart and refer to them over a TV set ?

I plan to invest in Total© shares now… They can only go up during the Grand Prix season….

As to the next Black and Gold car ? Well, I was planning to have a pigeon pie the other day when it flew to a stool and informed me that Walter Wolf is planning to buy Williams lock stock and barrel.  😛