Malaysian Grand Prix ==> Qualifying Report:

Ooops! That was interesting. Not quite what I wanted, but still interesting. Well I guess you can guess both Ferrari’s and McLaren’s decisions to unleash their drivers until late in the first qualifying session to be a bit of a gamble, right? After all, You are looking at a radar screen, you see a ton of clouds that are extremely heavy with water vapour heading your way but the radar screen does not tell you exactly when it is going to dump water on your head right? I do not know, simple logic will tell you that it takes time for a weather system to build up so you can expect a thunderstorm to occur in the late afternoon or early evening during the summer months, right? Plus these teams did have the benefit of Friday to guess what was going to happen weather wise – the conditions where the same, it is not like a cold front came by overnight to change the weather picture around, right? So to me, it just seems to make sense to go out on a banker lap and see where you stand right? Ferrari and Hamilton just shoot themselves in the foot I am afraid. I would have laughed but Ferrari just lost me points in my Fantasy Racers League….

Current Driver Selection
Driver Points
Alonso – 5
Barrichello +10
Kubica +10
Hulkenberg +15
Total + 30
Optional Driver Selection
Driver Points
Barrichello 10
De La Rosa 5
Kobayashi 10
Kubica 10
Hulkenberg 15
Total 50 points

Ouch lost +20 points!

On the flip side of the coin I was considering dumping Hulkenberg for Sutil and given Sutil’s 4th place in Qualifying I wish I made that decision, an extra 5 points would have been handy now…

Anyway, to bad about Alonso but the rest of my team are in positions 5th, 6th, and 7th on the grid!  Nice way to start the race.