2010 Spanish Grand Prix Qualifying Report

Sorry that I have post this report so late, but well, the calendar seems to have thown me for a loop of some sort.

I made no driver changes since the Sutil move before the Chinese Grand Prix,  So the driver line-up is still Alonso, Kubica, Barrichello and Sutil.

Team’s Current Drivers Their Points
Alonso +20
Kubica +10
Sutil +5
Barrichello -5
Total +30 points.

This is about the average of my haul of points.

Optional Driver Their Points Replaced by +/-
de la Rosa +5 Alonso +5
Kobyashi +10  
Hulkenberg +5 Sutil 0
Total +15   +5

Not the point grab I was hoping for.  Lucky for me that I almost the best possible race results I could hope for….


2010 Chinese Grand Prix ==> Qualifying Report

It is funny how the more things see to change, the more they say the same.  In this case, a couple of ex-Ferrari drivers have upset my hopes for all my fantasy F1 team to be in the top ten qualifying positions…

I was really hoping for Barrichello to be in in the top ten but the got clipped out by Schumacher.  Now where have I see this before?

The nice move that I made before qualifying for this race is I switched Sutil in for Hulkenberg out. Be interesting to see if I took the right Williams driver out.

If I had my way, I would like Rubens to win, followed by Sutil, then Kubica and Alonso in 4th.Then I hope whoever has those small tanks to slow the field so that by the time the they run out fuel, the rest of the field are a few laps down….

So how did I do in Qualifying for the Chinese Grand Prix?

Team’s Current Drivers Their Points
Alonso +25
Kubica +10
Sutil +10
Barrichello +5
Total +50 points.

This is about the average of my haul of points.

Optional Driver Their Points Replaced by +/-
de la Rosa +5 Alonso +15
Kobyashi +5  
Hulkenberg +5 Barrichello 0
Total +15   +15


So by picking up Alonso I gained an additional 15 points.

Malaysian Grand Prix ==> Qualifying Report:

Ooops! That was interesting. Not quite what I wanted, but still interesting. Well I guess you can guess both Ferrari’s and McLaren’s decisions to unleash their drivers until late in the first qualifying session to be a bit of a gamble, right? After all, You are looking at a radar screen, you see a ton of clouds that are extremely heavy with water vapour heading your way but the radar screen does not tell you exactly when it is going to dump water on your head right? I do not know, simple logic will tell you that it takes time for a weather system to build up so you can expect a thunderstorm to occur in the late afternoon or early evening during the summer months, right? Plus these teams did have the benefit of Friday to guess what was going to happen weather wise – the conditions where the same, it is not like a cold front came by overnight to change the weather picture around, right? So to me, it just seems to make sense to go out on a banker lap and see where you stand right? Ferrari and Hamilton just shoot themselves in the foot I am afraid. I would have laughed but Ferrari just lost me points in my Fantasy Racers League….

Current Driver Selection
Driver Points
Alonso – 5
Barrichello +10
Kubica +10
Hulkenberg +15
Total + 30
Optional Driver Selection
Driver Points
Barrichello 10
De La Rosa 5
Kobayashi 10
Kubica 10
Hulkenberg 15
Total 50 points

Ouch lost +20 points!

On the flip side of the coin I was considering dumping Hulkenberg for Sutil and given Sutil’s 4th place in Qualifying I wish I made that decision, an extra 5 points would have been handy now…

Anyway, to bad about Alonso but the rest of my team are in positions 5th, 6th, and 7th on the grid!  Nice way to start the race.

Australian Grand Prix ==> Qualifying Report.

Greetings everyone!  First off, a recap of my current situation going into the Australian Grand Prix:  My Fantasy Racers F1 team, called 7UP Jordan Mercedes Bridgestone, was going into Melbourne in dismal shape with a total of 274 points collected to be in 428th place in the Sidepodcast League,  and 31st out of then 38 places in the F1 Rejects League.  Overall I am in 10735 place out of then 11134 entries in the FSPORTS Fantasy F1 League.  In short, something had to be done to fix this hole I am in.

Looking at my results, Kamui Kobayashi got me 16 points total and Pedro de la Rosa got me 37 points, and I am a little concerned that the BMW-Sauber is well,  just driving a little bit better than a brand new car.  I guess that BMW would have put a bit more development into this year’s car to make a better sale for whoever wants to buy it.  Then I remembered backing BMW for way too long last year and how much it bit me when they where supposedly developing last year’s car.  In short, bye BMW!

So with 15.15 million in the piggy I was in the position to buy a top notch driver and with no Iceman or Ice-cream man around I went with Alonso.  Here is my current points total after Qualifying.

Drivers Points
Alonso 25 points
Hulkenberg 5 points
Kubica 10 points
Barrichello 10 points
Total 50 points


But what if I decided to stay with my previous selection?

Drivers Points
Hulkenberg 5 points
Kubica 10 points
Barrichello 10 points
De La Rosa 5 points
Kobayashi 5 points
Total 35 points


Another gain of 15 points… And the funny thing is, when I made this move,  Alonso was worth 14 million, but Kobayashi and De La Rosa where worth 14.15 million, so I saved 0.15 million, while gaining points!  Nice.

Bahrain Grand Prix Qualifying Report:

Before I begin to access the progress of the 7Up Jordan Mercedes Bridgestone Fantasy F1 team, I have made one sight chance change which I am afraid has currently cost me some points in that I have switched Adrain Sutil for Kamui Kobyoshi!   However, when compared to my original selection, I seem to have made some choices that are inspired in comparison:

Original Selection                                     Intermediate Selection
Driver                          Points                    Driver                                       Points
Bruno Senna               – 5                          Rubens Barrichello               + 5
Heikki Kovalainen      – 5                          Nico Hulkenburg                   + 5
Jarno Trulli                 – 5                          Robert Kubica                        + 10
Jose Maria Lopez          0                          Pedro De la Rosa                   + 5
Timo Glock                 – 5                        Adrian Sutil                             + 10
Total                          – 20                       Total                                          + 35

So, once it became clear the USF1 and Stefan GP were not going to make the grid, the switch to the intermediate selection got me on the right foot. I just earned +50 points for making that move, when you factor in that additional change of dropping Sutil for Kobyoshi.

So in short, not a great start to 7Up Jordan Mercedes Bridgestone, especially compared to those who have Vettel, Massa and Alonso (+105 points) but I rather start at the positive side of the ledger than the negative side going into Tomorrow’s race!