2010 Chinese Grand Prix ==> Race Report


And I thought staying up to see the Malaysian Grand prix was going to be tough.  I stayed up until 5 am to watch the Malaysian Grand Prix live!  My thanks again to to the International Date Line, as, sadly I admit to sleeping in until noon in an attempt to catch up on sleep.

I am very surprised that Hamilton only got a warning at Malaysia for his weaving tactics.  That’s just silly.  At least we got “clarification” that you can not weave anywhere on a racetrack.  I think I could have told you that because well, if you botch an attempt at slamming the door into the corner and you weave more than once, I can easily see both cars going off.  Best not to weave in and going into corners then.

Going down a  straight, I can see why a driver would want to weave to break up an opposing driver’s slipstream.  To bad you can not weave multiple times according to the regulations.  So why does every F1 driver except Hamilton think the same way I do?  All, well….

Race Results

So how well did I do?  Well, here are my current drivers in my team:

Actual Drivers Points
Alonso 161
Kubica 136
Barrichello 77
Sutil 84
Total Points 458

Of course I made made a few changes over the coarse of the season, namely I replaced Kobayashi and de la Rosa for Alonso and just recently I replaced Hulkenberg with Sutil.

Optional Driver Points Replaced with Points (+/-)
Kobayashi 5 Alonso +144
de la Rosa 12  
Hulkenberg 70 Sutil +14
Total Points 87   +158

Interesting.  I did not think that BMW would be that bad of a car this year.  Alonso by himself is more than 8 times more effective in getting points and was cheaper than purchasing both BMW drivers this year.

My Fantasy F1 Results

In the Panda / Sidepodcast League my team gained 12 positions to 396th place, and there are now 6 more entries in this league which now has 481 teams in the fight.

In the F1 rejects League, my team has actually moved up two positions to 24th place.  Too bad that there are still only 39 teams in this league.

Overall, I gained 172 positions to move up to 9559 place in the overall league.

Thoughts on the Race Itself

Alonso at the start!   Nooooo!  Well, great recovery drive, he got lucky with the safety car periods although.

.Looks like Joe Saward got what he wanted – an entertaining race due to rain and the reducing effect it has on grip levels.  Myself although, it just goes to show how safe F1 is right now.  I mean, on a decent (non-Tilke ) track most of these cars that slip off the track at a corner would have smack a wall and at the very least would need a new nose cone..   Here in China, they have enough room to slow down, make the turn and re-join the circuit….

Another problem I have are with the softness of the Inters.  They seemed to be be dying to quickly.   I am not too concerned for these track that run in the high 60’s lap counts but what happens when we get to Spa and one section of the track has drizzling rain?  It is Spa, after all?  You could burn out your inters and wets to slicks before you get to the wet section….

Hamilton got another warning for that pit-lane infraction? What is this?  three strikes and you get to hard time with no parole?  I am only glad that he did not run over any Williams pit crew.


Australian Grand Prix ==> Race Report.


When it comes to F1, the great thing about living in the middle part of North America is that most of the races can be watched without affecting your Sundays. This is most true of the European Races, where after the race is over you can still make to church or enjoy the wrest of your weekend… In the case of Melbourne, staying up until 4 am is quite easy to do when you have all day Sunday to catch up on sleep. And really, on a normal (European F1 race) you are really not going to move away from the TV set until 10:00 am (EDT) anyway…….

So how did I do? Well…..

Actual Drivers Points
Alonso 163 points
Barrichello 108 points
Hulkenberg 5 points
Kubica 168 points
Total 444 points

And here are the drivers I planned to start the season with:

Planned Drivers Their points
Barrichello 108 points
Hulkenberg 5 points
Kubica 168 points
De La Rosa 79 points
Kobayashi 5 points
Total 365 points

By replacing Alonso for both De La Rosa and Kobayashi I gained an extra 79 points for the entire weekend. I wish replacing Kobayashi was not without cost, but he does seem to be a disgruntled former employee, and in his shunt into the wall, he managed to avoid everyone but Hulkenberg!  With all the cars that failed to complete the race,  I was hoping for the rest of my team to make the top four!  Alas, my hopes where only 50% accurate!  Kubica got second and Alonso fourth.  Barrichello came in a respectable 8th place.

My Results:

There are eight teams that have the top score of 1436 points now, so the slope of that mountain I have to climb has flattened out somewhat. I have improved to  389th place from my previous 428th standing in the Sidepodcast League, for a gain of 39 positions.  Even better for me is that there are now 469 entries in the Sidepodcast/League, so I am definitely closing on the mid-field for sure…..

In my other league, the F1 Rejects League, I have moved up five positions to 26th place and no new teams have joined the 39 entries in this League.

Overall, I have advanced 927 positions to 9808th place and there are now 12099 teams racing in the overall league.

Thoughts on the race itself

As for the race itself, well, Button by pitting in early passed how many cars in the pit lane? Yes there were many attempts to pass, but how many where actual attempts? I think quite a few of those passes where due to sliding on wet pavement missing the turning points. I did not find it surprising that the cars went back to their previous positions on the next corner. Should that count as two overtakes or one botched attempt of turning in? Hopefully super-wide Malaysia will provide us with answers next week.

Bahrain Grand Prix Race Report

Once again the silly “Spring Forward” day ruins my plans and I missed the first 30 or so minutes of the Grand Prix. I have no idea of what happened to the BMW team but effectively 40% of my team disappeared before I even got out of bed. When the best you can do is 60%, you know you are in trouble. How much trouble I am currently in is best reflected in the amount of points I collected.

Kobyoshi: 16 points.
Hulkenburg: 65 points
De La Rosa: 37 points
Kubica: 77 points
Barrichello: 79 points

Total: 274 points.

Bearing in mind that the people leading this competition are now in the 800’s we can see that I have a bit of a mountain to climb. I am currently in 428th place of out 446 in the Sidepodcast League, but worse than that, I suspect that Mr. C is actually ranked higher than me for the first time since the Sidepostcast/Panda League was created. To think I used to be the top Dog there at one time….

In my other league, the F1 Rejects League, I am holding 31st spot out of 36 teams. I can only thank my star that they do not have a website for Fantasy F1 Rejects website, my team might be mentioned for a special award for having an excellent debut season and going pear shaped from there…

Overall, I am in 10735th place out of 11134 entries. Maybe I should take up a sport where I could be more competitive, say like basket weaving?