….About that contest for unluckiest ever Dutch F1 driver…..

Greetings everyone!  First, my thanks to all that voted on my somewhat “mean” question on who do you think was the unluckiest Dutch F1 driver ever, and poor Jos “The Boss” Verstappen was the winner with surprisingly everyone else coming up tied in second with one vote each, including Ben Pon, who was not listed.

The reason for this silliness was that I have created a script for what I call a “Sidepodparodyfilm” and have sent it down to Rockall for approval.  I think I will use this as a “trailer” just to see what you guys think of a very minor sub-plot in the blog that still manages to have a couple of Giggles type links to various segments of the story in itself.  The winner of the contest would have had their name being added to the script.

Basically, the hero and heroine of the “movie” find a cursed artifact that is compared unfavourably by the hero to the legendary cursed ghost ship known as the “Flying Dutchman“.  In legend, the ship is supposed to attempt to round the Horn of Africa until the end of days and as such is an omen of doom.   (As an aside, I can not remember which one of those “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies used this as their basic sub-plot too.)  The Heroine, with her someone-inspired crush for underperforming Dutch F1 drivers declares her crush for Jos, believing him to be the fastest ever Dutchman in F1 (very possible) and hence worthy of the adjective “Flying” being added to his nationality.

See how unlucky Jos is?  Was not being Schuie’s teammate in Benetton bad enough?


Come to Tundraland! We Have Marmots!, Otters!, Les Castors!, – The soon-to-be loaned Pandas!, a full TV Season of F1 Racing!.

 In F1 news, the big story during the offseason was that the BBC would only broadcast live 10 races for our friends in Sidepodcastland, with the other ten being broadcast via Sky Sports on some sort of premium charge.  Seeing how the local sports network – TSN uses the BBC’s coverage to broadcast F1 in Tundraland and the owners of Skysports also own America’s FoxSports network, I wondered how this decision would affect F1 broadcasting in Tundraland in 2012.

 It turns out not much!  To check the schedule, you can go to the TSN website..  TSN is still going to show both the Qualifying session and race session of each event, with the weirdest things occurring during the British and American Grand Prix – they are going to be on two separate channels! (TSN (1) and TSN2!)

 That the U.S. Grand Prix is on at 7:00 EST on TSN2 (hope you have a digital TV set) smacks to me of decision made by FoxSports to broadcast it live to those who will pay the special package to have it.  Of course, it is November so chances are TSN(1) just could be covering an unimportant Make-Beliefs Ice Hockey game….

 The British Grand Prix is also split, with the race itself on TSN2 live.  Not quite sure why this is the case as even with the Molson Indy in Toronto just being down the street from TSN’s headquarters they should be able to cover both events on the main channel.

 Finally, all of the sessions for the German and Hungarian Grand Prix will be broadcast live on TSN2.  For those that remember the U.S. Grand prix at Indy days, this too reminded me of the days where Foxsports broadcasted these events live for their viewers and then sold the tapes to TSN for later viewing.  

So what more can you ask for?  Visit Tundraland during the F1 season have access to see most of the F1 races live and your Saturday and Sunday afternoons are still availible for whatever else you want to do during the day….

 First interested party might get to set up shop for the duration of their visit to the Diefenbunker!  This Cold War Bunker was built to house the Canadian Government from Nuclear Attack.

Friday Fun: “Shall We Play A Game?”


 Introduction:  The Game is really a foot.

 As you are aware, Not only has the Sidepodcast Daily has been eliminated from Sidepodcast, but the sidepodcast site itself will be down for at least the month of December.  Looks like it is going to be the darkest december since that rumour about some well-meaning guy in a miliary base decided to offer up venison around Christmas,  and some kids drew the proper conclusions as to where the meat came from.  Well, Comet and Dancer and the rest the nine of them survived, but poor Olive, the other reindeer, will not be playing any more reindeer games… :P.   

Sorry about the sick pun.  Go ahead and cry foul if you want, but seeing as it is between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I think “fowl” might be the correct spelling, and meaning, but enough puns.  You want to find out how to play Sidepodcastclue so here it is:

 With the addition of a Controller (who sadly, replaces the envelope containing the weapon, killer and place committed in the cellar) we can play Sidepodclue via Google+ or something like.  The Controller needs to respond by private E-mail to any suggestion and a broadcast for any accusations by the players.  Hopefully the following example will clear the matter up further.

 Sidepodclue:  Who killed the daily?


  • Ms Christine
  • Mr. C
  • Giggles
  • Bibendum
  • Steven Roy
  • The Panda


  • A plug-in Radio
  • A Williams Cog  (Used as a throwing star)
  • An Airgun
  • A poisoned “unnamed energy drink”
  • The Sidepodcast Owl. (Sidepodcast’s version of falconry)
  • A Kitchen Knife


  •  Bathroom
  • The Studio
  • Kitchen
  • The Panda’s Den
  • The Garage
  • The Bedroom
  •  The armory
  •  The server room 
  • The Television Room.

 Here’s where I toss in the Holy Hand Grenade, otherwise know as the Rules:

 Players:  3 people are needed. 

 (1 is the controller, 2 to 6 actual players playing).

 The controller needs to roll three dice for each game to determine the following parameters. 

 1 six-sided die (preferably loaded so it’s always the Panda (6 is faced up)) to determine the killer

1 six-sided die to determine the weapon used to kill the daily.

1 nine-sided die to determine the place the murder was committed.

 The controller will then roll a die (nine sided, not loaded), to determine the order the players will play in.  The player with the highest number goes first following in order from highest to lowest.  If there are any rolls with numbers matching, then those players with matching numbers will be the last players in the sorted order.  Again the controller will roll dice again to find the sort order between players with matched numbers. 

 At this point a player can make a suggestion or a declaration.  If the suggestion has anything that is correct – a suspect, a weapon or a room correct then the controller says how many things are correct – like two things correct. (S/he does not say you have room and a suspect correct for example) and on it goes.

 For example  Player one broadcasts to the group that: “I suggest the Panda killed  the Daily with the airgun in the garage”….

 The controller might reply with a private message that “you are right on one count.”  Now this player has to figure out which of these things is correct, the suspect, the room or the weapon, just like clue.

 On the next attempt, Player one might get lucky and broadcast:  “I suggest Steven Roy killed the Daily with the airgun in the garage”….

 ..And the controller might reply in private “You are wrong on all counts”.  With this information, and a bit of logic, Player one should know that the only thing s/he changed in the suggestion was Panda to Steven, and the result was that from one correct suggestion the player now has none.  It follows then, the Panda was the murderer.  For Player one, it is a matter of determining where and with what did the Panda kill the Daily. 

 If a player thinks s/he has the solution. Then the player has to broadcast that they have the solution.  “I accuse the (Panda) of killing the daily with the (Williams Cog) in the (Panda’s Den).”

 The Controller checks to see that player is right or wrong.  If wrong the player is out of the game and if right the player wins.   Either way the Controller broadcasts the correct message to the Group.

 That is correct.  The Panda did it with the Williams Cog in the Den.”

Thursday Thought: And In Keeping Up With Current Events (OTT Shakespearean Version…..)

Introduction:  The Game is a foot.

 Whilst something may or may be rotten in Denmark the foul stench of death emits from Sidepodland.  As you are aware, The Sidepodcast Daily has been eliminated from Sidepodcast.  Although I, like many other fans, mourn the loss of a very popular segment of the site, I realize that they have created a “Frankenstein’s Monster” that has consumed most of whatever little spare time they did have.  At least unlike the famous “Creature” from the book and countless films, they managed to name their creation before disposing of it.

 As to us, loyal fans – what do we do?  Yes we are complicit in its demise as well, in that we did nothing to save the daily. For that I blame us rather than wrong an honourable Panda.

 But friends, Sidepodlanders, humans – I come not to praise the daily but to bury it.  The noble Panda says the Daily died because it was too ambitious. If, – if so, it was a grievous fault, and grievously hath he answered it. But what seemed so ambitious of the daily?  And yet, the Panda is an honourable animal….   The daily was my friend,  perchance yours as well? –  but the Panda says the Daily was ambitious, and the daily is an honourable animal…  When we all came to Sidepodcastland to seek comfort, did not the daily provide?  Ambition,  should be made of sterner stuff, yet the Panda says that the Daily was ambitions, and the Panda is an honourable animal….

 Whilst I shall not recite more of Mark Antony’s burial speech lest I insight you to riot against the poor Honourable Panda:   let us instead celebrate its everlasting slumber with a Sidepodcast spin to a proper board game called “Clue”.   For details please, see tomorrow’s post, my heart is in the coffin with the daily, and I must pause till it come back to me.

Thursday Thoughts – I Beseech To Partition Thee, M’lady…

As we are midway through the festive break, and F1 news is at a minimum, thoughts are beginning to turn back towards the race weekends, if you are missing them and whether you can wait until they start up again. This isn’t going to be a question of whether you like the off-season or not, though. Today’s Thursday Thoughts question is nice and open.

What is your favourite part of an F1 weekend?

It could be from the point of view of simply sitting back at home, and watching the race. Maybe the entire Grand Prix is your favourite. Or it could be a specific moment when you are attending the event in person. Maybe it’s sitting at home and opening up the timing app. Who knows? You do.

Unbelievable. A nice simple question that is fiendishly hard for me to answer to. The problem is, I have now three different types of F1 weekends, and so naturally the favourite parts of them vary.

There was once a time I would have said “The F1 Debrief Live shows” but they do not seem to be running them anymore. Maybe it has something to do with a mascot Panda taking up all of the hosts’ free time?


Normal F1 Race (late Saturday Night / Early Sunday Morning race start)

From nothing more than an accident in geography, all but two of the races falls into a Sunday Morning or a Very late Saturday Night time slot here in the Eastern time zone of North America. There’s usually nothing I can do about Fridays, as I am at work. But Saturday Morning Qualifying and Sunday Morning Races are excellent as they still provide me with the opportunity to still enjoy the afternoon or evening in Tundraland. Of course there used to be the possibility that a F1 Debrief Live show would be held after the race that I would endeavour to watch, but normally I would have to rush to join a hike with a group of friends or go scuba diving somewhere very close by with others.


Brazilian Grand Prix (late Sunday Morning race start)

The first other race is Brazil. As it starts late in the morning, by the time it is over you are left in a strange twilight zone of time. Yes, there are tons of time to enjoy the rest of the day but everyone’s gone off to do their own thing. Heck you cannot even tune into the “F1 Debrief Live” show anymore…. Brazil has the opportunity to really kill my weekend if there’s a lousy race there. A lousy race in Interlogos ? – as if that ever going to happen….


Canadian Grand Prix (Mid Sunday Afternoon race start or live)

This leaves Montreal. Time wise a 2 pm start locally, as I am in the same time zone. So it has the potential to mess up my weekend. Montreal needs to be split into two parts depending if I am seeing it on TV or live. On TV, Montreal really messes up my weekend, as I live in the same time zone, the 2 pm start means that I cannot really get stuff going after the when you include preparations and dinner. Best you can do is to find a non-existent F1 Debrief Live show.

Montreal live is a completely different beast. For one thing, my weekend is extended and I have a blast. I now have other days that I normally do not have to enjoy things that I do during the weekend, I also get to see Free Practice 1, 2 and 3 and Montreal is an awesome city to roam around in. Best of all, Montreal is still civilized enough to heard to an English-speaking internet cafe and attempt to hunt down a non-existent F1 live debrief show.



So looking at these three very different types of F1 weekends I do have, I noticed that there is one thing very common to each of these outcomes. So obviously, it has to be my favourite part of a F1 weekend. …

Bring back the F1 Debrief Live Show ! Good Races or bad, Poor timing or not, it was the favourite part of a F1 weekend.