2010 Spanish Grand Prix Qualifying Report

Sorry that I have post this report so late, but well, the calendar seems to have thown me for a loop of some sort.

I made no driver changes since the Sutil move before the Chinese Grand Prix,  So the driver line-up is still Alonso, Kubica, Barrichello and Sutil.

Team’s Current Drivers Their Points
Alonso +20
Kubica +10
Sutil +5
Barrichello -5
Total +30 points.

This is about the average of my haul of points.

Optional Driver Their Points Replaced by +/-
de la Rosa +5 Alonso +5
Kobyashi +10  
Hulkenberg +5 Sutil 0
Total +15   +5

Not the point grab I was hoping for.  Lucky for me that I almost the best possible race results I could hope for….