Weekend Wanderings

This upcoming weekend, (February 27 and 28) I am going to the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show by the Toronto International Airport. This will be my fourth time that I attend this show, but this time It will be a little different in that for half the weekend I plan to attend as one of the members of my hiking group, which are first time vendors this year.

Normally, I attend as a potential customer for the Dive Shops that show up. I do have my own set of gear, but I am afraid that there are some additional “toys” that I would love to have if I won the lottery. But more importantly I am trying to find out more dive sites to dive at, which Dive Shops are still around and what they are planning to do locally for dive trips. I encourage other divers in the Greater GTA / Golden Horseshoe and South-Western Ontario area to come to this show and do likewise, especially if you are without dive buddies of your own.  Hopefully you can either find another diver close by, or a dive club or a dive shop to go diving with, and everybody wins.

But it not just a Scuba Show by any stretch of the imagination – other adventures are displayed as well. At previous shows I have seen at least three white water rafting companies all pushing the Ottawa River, a glider airplane school, a submarine school and tourism companies of various countries.

Myself, I will be pushing my hometown and its latest plan to re-brand itself the Waterfall Capital of the World. I am a member of a hiking/photography group that finds and takes pictures of the various waterfalls that are within my city’s limits. And my group are pushing our hikes in the hopes of attracting more visitors to see them….

I hope you see you there.